Thank you to all you wonderful supporters who have assisted HDH Pope Alice’s Mission to Planet Earth!

 The Pope Alice Xorporation extends a warm welcome to new supporters and is very grateful for any contributions that assist HDH Pope Alice’s Mission to Planet Earth in this time of Great Change!

Individuals who have suppoted the Pope Alice Mission: James C Sourris, Josh Milani, Peter Bellas, Saul Goodman, Nat Paton, Joanna Meighan, Jessica Astrid Darcey, Michael Brand, Julie Ewington, Anthony Phelan, Fiona Davies, Freya Ververis,  Larry Strange, Tracey Moffatt, Quentin Crisp, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Urszula Szulakowska, Andrew Clark, Anna Pappas, John Coates, Lesley Vanderwalt, David Sandison, Romi Sandison, Lesley Crawford, Dennis Smith, Martin Harsono, Pam Easton, Athol Young, Troy-Anthony Baylis, Alicia Hollier, Anastasia Booth, Lien Yeomans, Barbara Piscitelli, Colin Millar, Marshall Malouf, Bronwyn Searle, Fez Faanana, Gia Mitchell, Cassandra Lehman, Kai Hori, Angie Chan, Ruben Pang, Bradley Foisset, George Lim, Paul Eliadis, Alec Schultz, Veronique Chachay, Cloe Veryard, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Teresa Nunes, 小飛貝 Bee-Dwo Lin, Alisha Abate, Anj Odessa, Hiram To, Rowley Mannion, Nicholas Lingard, Takanori Ono, Eugene Choi, Solomon Thomas, Jackson Davis, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Aarna Hanley, Katherine Hamilton, Glenn Thompson, Rosie Fisher, Lewis Doherty, Rose, Alf de Hombre, Peter Gonzales Falcon, Alejandro Diaz, Lars Hunderer,

Institutional support: Palais de Tokyo, Paris, British School at Rome, Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Victoria, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art), Brisbane, DIA Foundation, New York, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, State Library of Queensland, MoMA PS1, New York, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX, Carriageworks, Sydney, Milani Gallery, Brisbane, Chan Hori Gallery, Singapore

Please contact us at, if you have previously made a contribution and would like your name listed. Apologies for any oversights.

Blessings and Abundance

Ongoing financial contributions and donations are most welcomed and encouraged to assist Pope Alice’s Mission of Awakening and Ascension. You can contribute via a monthly donation to Patreon or via PayPal – details soon.

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