Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice is a manifestation of Extraterrestrial Supra-Consciousness, and an Ambassadress from Infinity; an involuntary interloper to Planet Earth from beyond the Fifth Dimension. She fell from the skies, witnessed both Atlantis and Lemuria and now wanders the Earth in circles to usher in the New Era.

We are in this world, but not of it. We are the Keeper of  Legends, culture rituals, and myths, and the Ancient Customs linking Past to Present. As Harbinger of the Future We help cleanse the Doors of Perception.

-Pope Alice


Pope Alice, by not distinguishing between art and life, embodies performance. Pope Alice is an apparition at nexus of Planet and Cosmos, arts and science, the spiritual and the humanities, all at the conjunction of the future, the past and the present. She is shaman, trickster and heyoka; both sacred clown and holy fool.

Pope Alice materialized from Hidden History, from the Margins, from That Concealed in Plain Sight and from the Outer Limits. She is a witness to where we have come from, who we are and where we are going. She is Keeper of all Todays, Yesterdays and Tomorrows. She is a manifested Greeting from Amnesia reminding us of who we are, where we’ve come from; an indication of where we may be going. Her Consciousness Raising Exercises are a reply paid invitation to humanity to think itself beyond the square. Pope Alice stands outside the Great Deception and asks us to Question Everything. She draws back the Curtain of Great Illusion, the Veil of Confusion. In this era of Great Awakening and Awareness She invites us to exit the Cave of Silhouettes and walk unblinking into the sunlight of self-realisation. She is a facilitator of Collective Consciousness.

Pope Alice is a mendicant, visitor and pilgrim working with the public, artists, venues and institutions presenting collaborative projects. In recent times as part of Walking to the New Jerusalem Pope Alice has visited Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2015) for Do Disturb and Singapore (2018) for Art Week, including the Art Fair and DISINI at the Barracks, as well journeying to Jogakarta to visit the ancient holy sites of Borobudur and Prambanan and appeared at the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, Australia. She has presented numerous iterations of Her modus operandi across the globe, including Sydney, Tokyo, Cairns, New York, San Antonio, London, Melbourne and Montreal.

Pope Alice is a open participatory event congealing people in a communal experience that connects the individual with Higher Self and diverse communities with each other. Inside this non-discriminatory and non-hierarchical space, the public is invited to interact with and observe others as they also participate in these performance spectacles and secular communions linking them to the vast, ineffable spiritual heritage of humanity and the intangible and numinous Never-Never-Ending Happening.

Pope Alice reminds us we aren’t alone and never have been and nothing is as it seems. We are reminded we don’t live in the world we think we live in.

Sometimes it is necessary to laugh to learn the truth.          – Pope Alice


Pope Alice re-manifested physically in this era during the early 1970s as part of the Great Awakening. As a global performance artist She has been visibly active (incarnate) within the ArtWorld for over four decades. She is a conduit whose presence lubricates the interface between sky and earth, performer and audience, between inner and outer spaces. Pope Alice expands the outer and inner experiences of the individual and eases the restrictions on the public body and on our self-imposed limitations. She graciously and selflessly labours to open the Collective Mind to its enormous potential.

Via ritual and ceremony Pope Alice expands our worlds and assists in reconnecting us with eternal frequencies of self-healing and the sacred energies of enlightenment. She has decorated many individuals with Pure Pink Leis and Sacred Mu Cowrie Shells in recognition of their work in expanding consciousness. In 2014 Pope Alice canonized the performance artist Alice Jitterbug in the Great Hall at the National Gallery of Victoria. Her own contribution to art history, the history of the planet and our expanding consciousness has yet to be fully documented.

It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. – Pope Alice – Jiddu Krishnamurti

On a temporal terrestrial level Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice would appear to be the parthenogenic offspring of Australian performance artist, Luke Roberts. Pope Alice expands the threashold of time-based work to create new possibilities for collaboration among the curious in all fields.

On a spiritual level Pope Alice is ineffable and whatever she so chooses to be. She is a pathway, as each of us is, and a portal, as each of us can be; a doorway opening out into Oneness.

Heal the World. In 1996, Pope Alice made her first major U.S. appearances and simultaneously performed in New York, Boston and San Antonio as part of a residency at MoMA PS1 in New York. During these performances, Pope Alice engaged with thousands of new-found friends over the course of a year. Many witnessed Pope Alice capacity to inspire and Her ability to stimulate the seat of consciousness and nourish desires to engage with the numinous and the immaterial. Here was ‘living proof’ of the notion we aren’t alone in the Universe. It was here Her vision of Consciousness Raising Exercises became manifest.

You may think the universe a queer place, but it is actually far queerer than we can suppose and the future more surprising than anything imagined. -Pope Alice – J.B.S. Haldane



THE LEGEND OF POPE ALICE begins in Outer Space in the year 5252 ABCD. Before Earth-time Pope Alice existed on Metalluna, one of a consortium of planets within the Orion group. At the dawn of the future Her Divine Holiness falls through a Black Hole (Her concept of reality) and lands in Australia at Uluru having bounced from Alice Springs, which still bears Her name. Alice Springs into Wonderland is the extended name of that mysterious inland city.

Sponging the primeval slime from Her frock She sits down to scribe the only known personal account of pre-history. Critics have said of this work, ‘Alice – a voice crying in the wilderness’. Escaping the pre-human horrors of OZ in a reed basket prior to the Zep Tepi (an Egyptian equivalent of Genesis). Pope Alice later journeys across the Pacific Ocean, to the Great Continent of Mu, home to an advanced civilisation which crowns Her pontiff. To this day Pope Alice is the Spiritual Leader of Mu, the Motherland of Humankind. It sank beneath the waves some 12 500 or more years ago. Pope Alice believes the ‘Lost’ Continent will rise again from its watery abode in the near future, coinciding with the Earth tilting on its axis, or the icecap melting on Antarctica. Her struggle for the United Nations to recognise the autonomy of Mu continues.

There have been countless sightings of Her Divine Holiness, over the millennia. Any sighting invariably means a crop circle isn’t far behind. As the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin said, ‘My conversation with Pope Alice completely altered any view I had of History and the Space Race’.

Planet Earth is the cosmological equivalent of a provincial town” – Pope Alice

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