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This Silk Road inspired meditation incorporates 10 Solfeggio frequencies in total, from delicate background sounds, to the featured oriental Koto tuned to: 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, and 639Hz. This beautiful Koto music renders a unique timeless ancient feel that sits wonderfully over the 417Hz Punjabi drones, to assist in the release of crystallized emotional bondage. The 5Hz speed Theta brainwave entrainment technology in the phantom tone of 852Hz will help in the attainment of unconditional love. This track also has several short 40Hz speed Gamma bursts in the phantom tone of 741Hz. Frequency 741Hz is associated with intuitive states. Gamma waves are associated with the “Ah” moment of insight. When listening with stereo headphones, this track is sure to take you beyond meditation. (Level 2 and 3)