The CANADIAN MINISTER OF DEFENSE has publicly announced UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.  He also states that several ETs are alive here on earth with one species living in an air force base in Nevada!!  He claims we have been visited by at least four different ET species.

He states that the people of the United States and everyone in the world have a right to know this!!
AND he continues that a cabal which consists of the Trilateral, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderbergs, the international bankers and oil cartel are controlling the world and taking away all our rights!!  The fact that he states such TRUTH… is amazing in itself!!

There are several more cuts of this speech which range in time from 25 minutes to this one of 9 minutes.
Just check out the other videos when you click on the link.
This is a huge step for Canada to make these revelations to the world and to the Canadian people.
The truth is being revealed at last.



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