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(Unison Series 1, 2, 3 & Re-leaf)

Unison Series Meditation Music User Guide

The well crafted musical compositions of these ”illume in essence” meditation CDs/MP3 downloads were the brain child of Jandy Rainbow who is accompanied by several other accomplished musicians.

Jandy has almost 30 years professional experience as a musician & audio producer. Since 2001, she’s been an annual guest lecturer at Queensland University of Technology for counselling and psychology students.

In 2001 Jandy began experimenting with tempos, modulations, clicks and subtle effects entwined with melodic structures to produce brain entrainment in music, initially for the Community Living Project (CLP) for people with different abilities and challenges.

At the 2002 launch of the CLP relaxation CD & DVD she was honoured for her work and additional volunteer services to assist the success of the CLP relaxation program. From that Jandy was contacted by Davida Pokroy (BA Psych. Hons.) who introduced her to the research of Gerald Oster’s work with binaural beats, published in Scientific American of October 1973. Davida asked if Jandy could provide a more affordable binaural beats product to the one she was using in her work. This led to the birth of the Unison series and illume in essence.

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