Pope Alice canonizes Alice Jitterbug, 31st October (Halloween) in the Uplate program Friday Nights at Jean Paul Gaultier @ National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

Extraterrestrial Spiritual Leader HDH Pope Alice canonizes pioneering gender illusionist star Alice Jitterbug.

In 1974 Alice Jitterbug (the gender illusionist creation of the artist Luke Roberts) visited the National Gallery of Victoria and was later that evening mistaken for Germaine Greer. This was during the infancy of the Feminist Movement and prior to Gay Liberation in Australia. It was a courageous act in a suppressive era in which transvestitism could incur the wrath of the Law and strong religious and social prejudice. The protests, which led to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras were still four years away (1978).

Around this time the intergalactic visitor, Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice (a conceptual intervention of Luke Roberts) appeared in Australia to assist with the unraveling of the Patriarchy and the advancement of Femininity and Extraterrestrial Consciousness.

This year HDH Pope Alice, in recognition of the sexual liberation that Alice Jitterbug represents and helped pioneer, announced Alice Jitterbug’s worthiness for sainthood and inclusion in the Cosmic Pantheon of Hallowed Eternals. On the Evening of the All Hallows (Halloween) 2014, HDH Pope Alice proclaimed Alice Jitterbug, Saint Alice, Queen of Hearts in a canonization ceremony in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.

headpiece by Melwitz Folino from the NGV Jean Paul Gaultier workshop.

The Pope Alice Xorporation acknowledges the support of Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne



St Alice Jitterbug image: (c) Luke Roberts with Lee Mcclymont.