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This meditation has Didgeridoo, played by a guest musician by the unique name of Muesli. The Didgeridoo was naturally so close to the Solfeggio tone of 285 Hz . I had only to adjust the tuning slightly, to make it 100% 285 Hz. The track is also rich in 852 Hz and 963 Hz as well as other spacey Wandjina Solfeggio Hz sound FX set to an atmosphere of the Australian outback at dusk. Wandjina Visitations is in very deep Delta, with a 1 Hz binaura beats at the Solfeggio tone 63 Hz. It also has secondary binaural beats, that fades in and out at 1 Hz rate, at the tone of 528 Hz. This meditation has other forms of brain entrainment in low Theta 4 Hz, to stimulate a hint of dream-time. (Level 1 & 2)