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This track could truly be described as intergalactic fusion music, as it incorporates samples of the naturally Solfeggio rich electromagnetic signals form space. The infra-sound Hz have been removed to make it safer meditation in the Solfeggio frequency’s highlighted. Short monaural Gamma pulses tuned to 639 Hz & 963 Hz at a rate of 44 Hz will assist with the potential for lucid dreaming, if the intention for lucid dreaming is placed in the mind before the meditation. To increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming do all tracks of Vol 3 in the order listed here. An occasional melodies & sequence in 963 Hz, 1074 Hz, 852 Hz, 417 Hz & 639 Hz elude to another worldly encounters. The binaural beats are at the phantom tone of 639 Hz, at a rate of 5.5 Hz. Listen with stereo headphones to go beyond meditation.