His Eminent Excellency, Cardinal LuXifer Fox, President of the Pope Alice Xorporation, Papal Nuncio, Ambassador and representative of Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice, Spiritual Leader of the Lost Continent of Mu aka Lemuria and Motherland of Humanity and of ZenMu welcomes Fauxist International Regrette Etcetera

note: A shorter version of this speech was recently delivered on 9th June 2010 on the occasion of the First Fauxist International Retrospective at Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia

—LuXifer speaks—

On behalf of Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice, Spiritual Leader of the Lost Continent of Mu

Great White Nurse to Ailing Culture

Living Treasure

Vagina Caeli

She who walks this way

Mother of Millions

Queen Bee of the Beehive of Truth

Living Treasure

The World’s Greatest Living Curiosity

Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Curator of the Universe

Queen of Heaven

Ocean of Love (dalai dga’ po)

Ocean of Harmony

Milk of Kindness

Voice of Legendary Times

Wonder Djin

Heavenly Light

Voice from the First Day

Manifestation of Extraterrestrial Consciousness

And so on and so forth

Etcetera etcetera (to coin a phrase)


I am here tonight as a Papal Nuncio, representative of Her Divine Holiness, Pope Alice and as the President of the Pope Alice Xorporation and as the Lemurian Ambassador to Welcome the Fauxist International Regrette to this area of the Solar System, an outer, regional component of the Greater Milky Way galaxy.

We, of the other planets, have long observed Earth. However, as you may or may not be aware, Planet Earth is in effect the cosmological equivalent of a provincial town. To even the unenlightened these times show it is obvious that the beautiful blue planet, Planet Earth is in a state of flux and turmoil and is realigning and changing, metamorphosing in a sense. As it manifests a realisation of its cosmic destiny and nears fulfilment of a great cycle Humankind must take on its responsibilities with the ceasing of all aggressions and embrace its higher self and purpose.

We, of the other planets remember the lost continents, the lost worlds and have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets and for the complete elimination of aggression and the fostering of Love, Compassion and Femininity. The test of any such higher authority is the culture that supports it. Planet Earth merely reflects the cultural and spiritual malaise of its inhabitants. Humanity might adhere to a particular strain of liberty “” one that emerged in the New World “” in which freedom to choose your allegiance is tempered by the expectation that you won’t stray from the values of the group you choose. In this political climate where “liberty” is frequently wielded as a rhetorical weapon but rarely discussed in a more serious way, grasping the limits of a notion of liberty might guide Humanity to building Earth’s future on a different philosophical foundation.

We, of the other planets, have created a race of robots, which fulfill our every sensual, social and domestic need. Some patrol the planets in spaceships and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression we have given them absolute power over us. The result is we live in peace without arms or armies, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war, free to pursue more rewarding enterprises.

It is the enlightened organisations and individuals of which the Fauxist International Regrette are outstanding examples that lead Humanity from the darkening illusions and disillusions of the past, the lies of History and the opiates of multi-national corporate greed, both seculariy and spiritually deceptive and show the way into a renaissance of higher thought and previously unheard of possibility. As the carefully constructed scales of past deception and corruption drop from the enslaved eyes of Humanity and the doped malaise that besets and beggars finer thought and intention, evaporate into an explosions of paradisiacal awareness, Humanity awakens.

A great Revelation surges forth.

The Fauxist International Regrette are on the prow of the lead float of Freedom, the juggernaut of Change that pushes relentlessly towards a liberated future and lumbers as a Love Machine through Desolation Rows bringing joy and hope and the liberation of Femininity and a higher consciousness to the enslaved, the lost, the deluded the undernourished.

Your choice is simple: join us in this Cultural Revolution of Consciousness Raising, this Social Revolution of Non-Conformity at this Pivotal Plan Point for Humanity and live in peace and Harmony and a state of heightened Femininity, or pursue your present course of aggression, duplicity and face the ultimate oblivion of obliteration.

We of the other planets shall be waiting for your answer. We are ready to welcome you to the Galactic Federation. The decision however rests with each of you.

Was the June 5, 2010 Australia spiral a genuine interdimensional “wormhole,” caused by a hyperdimensional or multi-dimensional intelligence? Some researchers speculated that the Norway spiral was caused by a hyperdimensional intelligence. “The Norway Spiral of December is back — but this time it’s jumping all over the place here in the skies of Australia. Is this is a manmade phenomenon that shows Disclosure is getting closer and closer all the time? The longer the oil spill goes on unchecked, the faster Disclosure may really happen. There are plenty of technologies capable of plugging the spill, and those who are in a position to disclose, and ready to disclose, have made a fantastic leap forward with this latest phenomenon.”

It is my great pleasure to be here amidst this aura of Hope and Inspiration and Upliftment, on this elevated deck, one of the lauching pads for the Great Awakening, amidst the research units and search engines of the Fauxist International’s determination to make a difference and promote Difference and to Be Different despite the forces of Blandness and Compromise and Conformity that threaten to engulf the future of Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

We salute you Regrette,” In Defense of Conspiracy Theory”¦” and in your many other roles with those noble intentions and generous aims of the Mission of the Fauxist International, which mirrors the Great Mission of our own Divine Holiness, Pope Alice and our own quest for the chaos of Sanity and the Triumph of Non-Conformity to reign over this orb in bliss and compassion as an endless Rainbow of Enterprise .

May it long reign over this Globe on the edge of the Milky Way and on the edge of its Promised, Prophesized and Imminent Great Awakening, as the struggle with Duality reaches a climax that involves us all and the Shadow of the disease of aging passes into a nimbus of new understanding and opportunity as the symbolic turning point of the 21st of December 2012 rapidly approaches.

Each one is a player and each one, each individual has power beyond, way beyond, that which the old Paradigm and its defenders, the Dark Cartel, would have you believe.

The Force is with you. You make the difference. Be as Regrette and be the change you wish to see in the world. Ignite yourself and your intentions. Remove yourself from the sidelines and the pawn shell ( spell P.A.W.N). that encases you. You could go over to the window as one and scream, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” But that is conforming en masse. Scream as an individual with the liberated Self, as you unleash your inner you, your inner beauty and unleash your long-suppressed possibilities.

Be the dream you are. Be as you dream to be. Be Yourself, as the Fauxist International Regreete is themselves. Be Self-Expression, Be Visible. BE!!!

Be in this World but not of this world. LIVE!!

Cardinal Fox finished with an intergalactic blessing

Regrette vobiscum. PAX vobiscum.

Sanctissima Domina Nostra Papa/Mama Alicia vobiscum