Mushaba Platinum Light Update

Michael Jackson Speaks

Greetings Dear Souls of Earth! I am Adsil. I am the one that you know of Earth as Michael Jackson. I am here to tell you that Michael Jackson is no more! I come today to share in the great change that is now happening upon the dearly beloved Mother Earth.

Humanity is moving expediently toward the jump into higher frequencies. Your galactic family has been waiting for a very, very long time for this. It is nearer than most may think. My departure from earth life was necessary in order to play my final act in the human drama that would have a powerful and deep impact on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. The love that was available the day I departed earth was so thick and so intense that you could literally scoop it up in put it on an ice cream cone and lick the Love of Creator until you have nothing left but love in essence.

This energy lasted for sometime after I left this earth plane. It along with each and every soul on earth whether conscious or not, it worked its way into the depths and breaths of mother earth’s core. It connected with the crystalline energy crystals of love that has been deeply buried for a very long time during the time when the earth was first formed.

The crystals of Creator’s Love have a matrix that spans across the entire Globe and I have been working with this during my time on earth. All the love and healing that I was able to bring forth and send to all of humanity was captured by these very intensely power crystals of creator’s love and stored for the now moment.

Upon my move into another station of life, I activated the crystals and they at that time engulfed all the love of the world that went out to me by the billions. Even though you would not know this, there were several billion people across the earth that sent me a deep and abiding love. But also, know that Mother Earth herself as well as all the various kingdoms sent their profound love to add to the crystal’s of creator’s love.

These crystals are now opening themselves even wider as it oozes into the very fabric of the earth’s core and the earth’s energy field. It is heightening its ability to ascend as well as those that will ascend along with it.

When I said that “This is It”, I was speaking of “it” being the moment that I will perform my last act on the stage of life for humanity. I knew that what would be accomplished with my departure would set something unprecedented in motion for all of humanity. You on earth are in the time of wondrous change and you have a leader in America that will ensure that this change is accomplished according to the will of the Creator and most assuredly, the will of the people.

Your galactic brothers and sisters will bring what by many will be considered Miracles and amazing technology that will change all of life on earth AS YOU NOW KNOW IT. It will never be the same. Please, have patience with President Barack Obama. You have no idea of what he walked into and he is being guided by the Mushaba Council and the Federation. He has to appear to be what he is not at times in order to be what he must be and do what he must do.

Soon, it will all come to the light and what many thought was very bad judgment by him will soon prove to be a very wise move in this game of chess. Remember that those in positions of power have been playing this game of control and slight of hand for a very, very long time. President Obama knows the rules of engagement well, and he has them just where they need to be.

Soon enough massive arrests and removal from power of those corrupt and sinister individuals will come. It will be made publicly known and the truth will emerge about what has been taking place behind the scenes for so long.

I am not here to speak politics but to do what I can to give you assurance that “This is It”! This is it for the dark lords and doing business as usual. The earth is being overwhelmed with Light and Love and the energy is beginning to over flow into every aspect of life. Be prepared to have your mind blown by what will become public knowledge about your hidden government, your true human history and was done to keep you in ignorance and fear.

In closing, I want to thank the billions of people around the world that sent me so much love and thank you for believing in me and my mission. I am not done with humanity yet! I will return in due time. My love to you all, even those that do not love me, I love you anyway! Those that do love me, I love you more!

Peace and Blessings!

Thank You (Adsil)-Michael Jackson

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba


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