July 20, 2009

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come to you this day to speak to you in regards to the energies, as each of us has previously. These energies are of the utmost importance to each of you. These energies will allow each of you, if you are open and willing, to come into a greater state of integration with your Higher Self, your Higher Aspects, and this will in turn facilitate more remembrance of who in fact, you really are. Many of you will come into this remembrance rather quickly. You are the Ones who have daily direct contact with the Ashtar Command. You are the Ones who work directly with the Ashtar Command on all facets of Project Earth Ascension.

As you come online, you will remember, and you will, from that point forth be working in Full Consciousness for Project Earth Ascension. You will know this, you will know your part in this Plan and you will set forth to complete your tasks. There is much that will be coming forth, there is great revelations, for as the Light grows in intensity upon the Earth, all that was hidden will no longer be able to be hidden and the Truth shall be set free. It will be set free for the conscious Knowledge and Awareness of the masses of Humanity, and as this Truth comes shining forth, people around the World will Awaken. It will be the greatest Mass Awakening that has ever occurred upon your Planet.

One moment the World and Humanity upon it will be asleep and the next moment, all will be Awakened, to one degree or another “” all will know that their life has been changed forever and that this change is of the Highest positivity. We, of the Ashtar Command, have been waiting for this moment, this opportunity for many, many, many years of your time. We have been planning and coordinating “” now that time is upon us. Those who work directly with the Ashtar Command will know by the beginning of August. There will be a complete knowing of who you are and what your Mission on this Planet is. There are many Beloved Lightworkers to whom this applies, and I say to you now, continue working your Plan, continue to anchor your Light. You are the front line, you are what has kept this World in a stable condition.

Know that great changes will continue to occur in your immediate future. One event will roll into the next event, and that event will roll into another event. All of these events are connected, and each one will bring more revelations of the Truth of the Planet Earth and what has been occurring upon the Planet Earth. We, of the Ashtar Command, ask you all to continue in your efforts to hold the Light. We ask each of you to stand strong and to know that you, each one of you, is known, your location is known. Always, you are protected. Always you are kept safe. You are our agents on Earth, our Earth Team, and now you are all on Alert.

I AM Ashtar

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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