Hilarion’s Weekly Message “” 26th July 09

Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff

July 26 “” August 2, 2009

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I wish to speak with you in regards to the great download of Energies that has taken place during the Solar Eclipse. These Energies are now working their way through each one of you. Each of you has been feeling these energies and it has translated into pain in various parts of your bodies, it has translated into requiring greater rest and sleep. It has required each of you to nurture yourselves and take care of yourselves.

This is a Great Energy that is now pouring upon the Earth and it is so important that each of you gets the rest that you need. It is also very important that each of you drink at least two quarts or two litres of water, every day, this is absolutely necessary to help you integrate these Energies, so what is required at this time for each of you is to nurture yourselves, be good to yourselves, be kind to yourselves. Take a walk in Nature, soak in a tub of water with some sea salt in it, try to relax, listen to high vibrational music, listen to the sounds of the birds chirping outside your window, listen to Nature and ask that your Higher Self fully integrate one hundred percent of the Energies that you are receiving each day so that this takes place with grace and ease.

This Energy continues to purge and cleanse and those who have not been preparing for the downloads of these Energies are experiencing them in more and more uncomfortable ways and since they are not Awakened, they do not understand what is occurring within them and this is creating fear and panic in some of your Brothers and Sisters, and so we ask you, Dear Ones, to continue each day to ground the Light into the Earth, for it is crucial at this time. You it is who keeps stability within and upon the Earth.

Each Lightworker who chose to come to Earth at this time is an integral part of the Divine Plan to create Peace on Earth, to create harmony, to create a new civilization, a new way of living upon the Earth, a way to restore the Earth and bring all upon Her back into life that is Heaven on Earth. This has started to occur now, Dear Ones, but it is not an easy occurrence so be aware of this and send your Brothers and Sisters your Love and your healing energies and thoughts.

It is important for each of you to be in total control of your thoughts at this time. Keep your thoughts ever on what it is you TRULY want and do not be sidetracked by those who would create debates, for these serve no purpose, especially at this time, all they do is pull your energies away from that which is important. Learn to be discerning about this, Dear Ones. It is fine to give your opinions, but know that endless debate is just a waste of everyone’s energy. It is most important to focus your energies TOGETHER, to create the Heaven on Earth that we all desire so we can all step into the Golden Age. This is the reason why each of you incarnated upon the Earth at this time.

It is wondrous to see the power that you generate when you stand and say your decrees, when you sit and meditate, when you visualize the World that you want instead of concentrating on that which you do not want any longer. This concentrated and United effort is creating daily miracles. These are not easily discernable upon the Earth’s vibrational frequencies yet but shall become more so as time continues, all of a sudden, there will be reached a point where Humanity as a whole clicks in and “˜gets it’. That is the day that we are all working for, Beloved Ones.

Do not falter in your efforts; pray, decree, meditate, visualize, create the World that you desire with all of your hearts, all of your Souls, give of yourselves each day to make this so and let no one sway you from this. Let no one else’s doubts, create doubt and fear within you, for you know, you know within your hearts and your Souls that you are on the Path, the Path of Light, that is the Path that you chose. Others may have chosen another way, so do not doubt yourselves, Dear Ones, but continue on standing in your Light, creating more and more Light each day and as you do this, your own Spiritual Awareness grows and more and more knowledge will come back to you, then you will remember that you are a powerful Being of Light, you will remember this in the days ahead.

The time of choosing has come upon the Earth. On the inner planes, the Great I AM Presence, the Higher Self of each Soul incarnated upon Earth has made the choice to rise with the Earth into Her Ascension. Of course, there are those who have chosen not to go through the Ascension with the rest of the Earth and all upon Her, for various reasons and purposes, some choosing to be on this side of the veil to help out and give of their great energies here. Be assured, Beloved Ones, that each Soul, whether on the Earth, incarnated, or whether beyond the veil, is, in intensity, working with all their might to bring an Awakened Awareness to every Human Being upon the Planet, for it is the desire of the Father/Mother God, it is the desire of Mother Earth Herself, that ALL join with Her and Ascend into the higher vibration.

Continue, Dear Ones, your Light is creating greater Light upon the Earth. Each time one of you stands in your Light and repeats your prayers and decrees and affirmations, or meditates or visualizes, each time this happens, there is greater Light upon the Earth and within the Earth, and this is most wondrous to behold. Please remember, Dear Ones, that the greatest force in the Universe is LOVE. Love has the power to heal, Love has the power to transmute, Love has the power to create miracles. It is the most potent power to create change in this Universe and so we ask you to open yourselves to receive more Love within your hearts, we ask you to feel, each day, feel with your heart, whatever challenge or lesson or situation is in front of you, feel with your heart and the initial feeling that you have is your higher guidance speaking to you. Learn to listen to that first initial feeling and it will never steer you wrong, for this is your highest guidance.

As more and more group meditations continue to occur across the Earth, with their individual focuses, know that this also creates more impetus for greater forces of the great Cosmic Energies to come pouring forth upon the Earth, so you, who have been preparing yourselves as transducers, must be prepared and able to transmute and transduce this energy into the Earth and then allow the Earth to flow the energy back through you and out into the Cosmos. This helps to distribute, in a safe and protected manner, the energies, so that your Brothers and Sisters upon the Earth have an easier time of it. Your great Love and compassion in volunteering for this effort is very commendable, for those are the qualities that an Ascended Master must embody before they can become a Master of Life.

I leave you now with the Love, Light and compassion of all from this side of the veil. Know that you are each being assisted each and every day in every way, and I remind you, Dear Ones, to ASK, we can only help you if you ASK so do ask us often for that which you need and desire.

Until next week”¦.

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance.

The Abundance of God is my infinite source.

The River of Life never stops flowing.

It flows through me into lavish expression.

God comes to me in unexpected avenues.

God works in a myriad of ways to bless me.

I now open my mind and soul to receive my good.

Nothing is too good to be true.

Nothing is too wonderful to happen.

With God as my source, nothing amazes me.

I give freely and fearlessly into life and life

gives back to me with wonderful increase.

Blessings come, in expected and unexpected ways.

I am grateful. And so it is

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