Events will soon converge that will change the face of this planet and its peoples. Nothing will happen in a single instant; there will be no magic transformation to a fifth dimensional existence. Earth is returning to her pristine existence; those lightworkers who accompany her, a small fraction of Earth’s current population, will become caretakers of the new Earth. All of this will occur as a series of events along with the acceleration of time, as you are already experiencing. After Earth is returned to her former brilliance, she and her inhabitants will begin a journey to the higher dimensions. I anticipate the first of these events in the weeks ahead.

These events will include the demise of the world’s monetary systems to be replaced by a redistribution of wealth and money based on precious metals plus barter. Eventually money will be distributed to those who remain with Earth as a simple medium of exchange, nothing more. Along with the demise of money as we know it will come the end of our current governments. They will be replaced, once again for those who conscious enough to remain with Earth, by collaboratives based on the good of all.

As you might imagine, entrenched interests will resist these transformations; that is why only those who are conscious and choose to accompany Earth will be allowed to do so. The beginnings of these changes have already begun. We are witnessing the collapse of the economic system, regardless of how the popular media portrays it. We are seeing governments challenged. We will experience greater chaos, as the light shines on those areas where governments are heavily rooted, along with their military and intelligence operations. Chaos will mean a total disruption of the government services and utilities we have come to depend on. Those living in cities, and along seacoasts, will feel the brunt of this chaos most acutely.

A certain level of upheaval is to be expected as Earth is cleaning herself in preparation for healing. We will experience earth changes in many areas, including severe weather, rising sea levels, volcanic activity, and a warmer climate. All of this is part of Earth’s reorientation to a moderate climate. Much of this is due to a shifting of Earth’s axis to vertical, resulting in the end of seasonal changes. As has been revealed at Mark’s Corner ( and elsewhere, the moon is an artificial satellite. It will be removed as a part of this process. These changes will result in a period of prolonged time when communications will be disrupted, when food will no longer be distributed, and when water will be unavailable from accustomed sources. You are advised, once again, to make preparations for a minimum of three months, plus find a way to deal with all from a place of love, not fear.

Along with the changes in money and government, and earth changes, will come widespread reevaluation of religion and beliefs. As the realization of the magnitude of this change spreads, along with the physical manifestation thereof, conscious people will come to realize that they can no longer rely on religion for answers or solace. Only those who are willing to see the Oneness with our relatives from around the universe and with all on Earth, to see their own grandeur as a son or daughter of [the Elohim], and to communicate directly with [the Elohim], will accompany Earth to form a new civilization.

There will be a trifurcation of mankind. Those who choose to become caretakers for the new Earth will remain. Those who oppose this transformation by clinging to their wealth and position, or by paying homage to the dark energy, will be removed to a place where they may begin again their ascent to the light. Those who fail to awaken to these changes will be gently transported to a new world to continue their lives in this 3rd dimension.

Energies impacting everyone are producing a magnification of fear and love based responses. Those who function from love are exhibiting calmness, detachment, and peace with all about them. Those people who are fear-based are showing anxiety, anger, and resentment that events are disturbing their tranquility. You can expect these manifestations to increase as Earth and her human guests transition.

I encourage you to find like-minded people with whom you can associate. I have sent lists of other members of the Network where there are concentrations of you. Have you taken the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people?

There are several measures you may take to react to the changes taking place. In summary they are:

· Know that you are One with all, One with [the Elohim]

· Turn Away From The Current Paradigm; Assume The Role Of A Loving Observer

· Understand That All Is Energy

· Embrace Your Power As A Son Or Daughter Of [the Elohim] Of This Universe

· Take Total Responsibility For Your Every Action

· Hold The Vision Of A Wondrous Transformed Earth

· Seek Community with Other Conscious People

· Set an Example Based on Love

I am, once again, proposing that conscious people take this opportunity to make their wishes know to our sisters and brothers from other star systems, to our celestial friends and allies, and to [the Elohim].


“This is the time of humanity’s transformation to higher density. I hereby join together with other aware people to create a world that recognizes this and my responsibility to help make it happen.

“By combining my individual energy with that of others, I help to create a new level of conscious living:

· “I accept that I have responsibility for helping to create mankind’s current enslavement.

· “I support only that which serves the highest good of all humanity; I turn my back on that which does not.

· “I take personal responsibility for my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

· “I envision a new civilization based on truth, love, peace, free energy, sufficient wealth, fair allocation of Earth’s abundant resources, a rejuvenated environment, universal health, and all people living in harmony with Nature.

· “I hold the vision of a fully conscious humanity. I am aware that we are but one of countless civilizations in this universe.

· “I seek community with all humans of this planet, as well as our sisters and brothers from other star systems with whom we are in Oneness with [the Elohim].

· “I hereby send unconditional love to Earth and all my brothers and sisters in the universe.”

In Truth, Love and Joy,


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