The following information was recently post on Check at Mark’s Corner each day for new communications from those who are assisting humanity during this time of transition.

This information is of timely importance.


“¢ The communications posted on this web site have been verified as correct by recent contact with brothers and sisters from other star systems and celestials who were not part of the original communications.

“¢ Many of what is contained in “Trillion” has proven to be true: The larger picture. There are friendly non-Earth humans amongst Humanity; there are factions that would like to capture them. The media is orchestrated.

“¢ The truths in “Decimal” have manifested themselves: Reverse-engineered star craft. Non-human entities are in control of secret projects. Underground bases for these secret projects.

“¢ The truths contained in “One” are in the process of manifesting: The final days of our enslavement. An armada of starcraft with benevolent beings to assist Humanity. The ability of non-humans to assume human form. The demise of our current monetary and government systems.


“¢ If you have read “One,” a copy of the final chapter is available by emailing (It will not mean much to anyone who has not read “One.”)

“¢ A most important book is: “And Then God Said… Then I said… Then He said…” To purchase it go to and click on the book. You will be linked directly to the publisher:

“¢ A copy of the 2008 posting to this web site, and the 1st quarter 2009 postings, both in PDF format will available at no charge in the near future. You may download them for reading or printing.

“¢ Audio recordings of many of the postings to this site are now available at YouTube. Enter YouTube and search for “Athabantian.” These audio recordings are courtesy of Lucia de Leon Zamora of the Czech Republic.

“¢ A Spanish translation of “Trillion,” by Mark Kimmel, the First Book of the Paradigm Trilogy is available in PDF format at:

“¢ The donations received by Mark are making changes to the web site possible. Thanks to everyone.


Proposing a project wherein conscious people take the opportunity to make their wishes know to sisters and brothers from other star systems, to celestial friends and allies, and to the Elohim.


“This is the time of humanity’s transformation to higher density. I hereby join together with other aware people to create a world that recognizes this and my responsibility to help make it happen.

“By combining my individual energy with that of others, I help to create a new level of conscious living:

“¢ “I accept that I have responsibility for helping to create mankind’s current enslavement.

“¢ “I support only that which serves the highest good of all humanity; I turn my back on that which does not.

“¢ “I take personal responsibility for my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

“¢ “I envision a new civilization based on truth, love, peace, free energy, sufficient wealth, fair allocation of Earth’s abundant resources, a rejuvenated environment, universal health, and all people living in harmony with Nature.

“¢ “I hold the vision of a fully conscious humanity. I am aware that we are but one of countless civilizations in this universe.

“¢ “I seek community with all humans of this planet, as well as our sisters and brothers from other star systems with whom we are in Oneness with God.

“¢ “I hereby send unconditional love to Earth and all my brothers and sisters in the universe.”