Some earlier evidence of the presence and influence of Pope Alice in Turkey in the imperial Roman era.

Goddess Alicia Artemis Diana of Ephesus

Papa Alicia

“Mother of All”

Mother of Millions

Queen of Heaven

Hail Alicia

Hail Artemis Diana

Blessed Lady of the Breasts

I dedicate myself to You

May my path honor Thee

May my spirit celebrate Thee

May my life force magnify Thee

These things I pray

Be fulfilled this day

Goddess Mother help me

to know what is right

“No one has lifted my veil”

“According to Greek Pagan tradition the Goddess has declared Herself “No one has lifted my veil.”

It is a question not exactly of the veil, but of the garments which covers Her female nakedness, the veil is a later misinterpretation for the sake of decency. The meaning is:

“I am the Mother without spouse, the Original Mother; all are my children, and therefore none has ever dared to approach me; the impudent one who attempts it shames the Mother — and that is the reason for the curse.”

(from the “The Golden Bough” by Frazer)

Temple of Great Goddess Alicia Artemis Diana

Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus was the greatest Temple City in Asia Minor. It was dedicated to the Great Goddess Artemis Diana. This Temple was the last of the GreatGoddess Temples to remain open and was the site of Goddess worship well into the christian era.

When the Temple was in use, it was brightly painted and inlaid with stone. Most ancient Temples and statues that we see as pristine white, were brightly colored and vibrant. The colors would have similar to those found in Egyptian art. Statues were usually painted to resemble giant lifelike beings.

It was at Ephesus that the christian church declared Mary to be the “the God-bearer” in 431 C.E. This move was intended to legitimize christianity in the eyes of the people of Asia Miinor. Prior to 431 C.E. Mary was not recognized by the Christian church.

Many of the Great Goddess’s titles were taken, and declared to be the titles of Mary, including; “Queen of Heaven”, “Divine Virgin”, “Mother of All”. Ephesus was chosen for Mary’s installation to add legitimacy to the church’s claim that Mary, not Alicia, was “the Mother of God”, the “Mother of All.”

Alicia Lucifera

This Roman Aliciaia known as “Alicia Lucifera”. Her grace, strength and power reflect the most consistent attributes of all Alicia images. .